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What is going to happen to the world if you do not know the secrets of the corona virus you still know once you read the coroner's kaboba, how can you escape?

Coronavirus is the deadliest virus found in the world today, coronavirus, or Cavid-19, and one of the more deadly diseases of cancer has been discovered in almost all diseases of the present world and no virus has been discovered till now,

 If you notice, you can see that every 100 years our world is plagued by a huge pandemic - plague disease in 1720, cholera in 1820, Spanish fly in 1920 and this coronavirus in 2020.
And how this coronavirus came to our world is quite a mystery, as we may know, in 1981 a writer by the name Dunkunz foretold a virus like this, and he said in a book that a virus would invade the world in 2020, which is very rare.  In time, the human body will attack and do not deal with the virus he spoke about  There are several similarities to the virus.

 And the Johns Hopkins Center Foreign Security issued a health warning last October that it predicted millions of people would die from a new virus in the city of Wuhan, China's Hubei province, just three months after the announcement.  Corona attacks the virus.

The virus can spread the virus through the sensation of your cough and even the touch of a sick person. Even if you touch any of the sick person's touch, you can get infected by the virus.  Get this from a local market in Wuhan  Rasati is believed to be circulating.

 In markets where various types of banned wildlife were used to poison and sell animals, the virus was created by humans, although we are not going to discuss it because the virus is spreading allergies and the number of dead people affected by the alredi virus varies from 36 countries across the world.  Is gone

However, it should be noted here that the disease called coronavirus is not so horrible that the patient will die if it is infected and most of the people who have died from the disease till now have had some other disease before, but if you have recovered from it once.  However, there is no chance of getting the disease for the second time.

 The main symptom of this disease is severe breathing and your fever and cough can lead to headaches as well as discomfort to your kidneys, including colds and coughs.  At one stage of the disease, your throat will be broken in any part of your body.  And it will move slowly to the body.
The body will be weakened with pain in various parts of the body. Gradually, the pain in your joints will reach the grapes sharply with diarrhea and vomiting, and the body temperature will gradually drop to 38 degrees Celsius, but these symptoms are said to be understood when you are in your 60's.  It will be over 70 and if you are an adult you are fine  Jbarasaha cold war can experience mild sore throat.

 However, the fear of this virus has created additional fears and rumors that humans are not actually a strong virus like coronavirus.

Corona-related warnings that you have to follow are that you should avoid using public transportation when leaving the house, especially on local buses, plenty of fruit juices and drinking enough water.  If the handwash sanitizer is not available, then alkaline cloth must be 20 with raw soap  Wash hands for seconds.

 It is important to note that to kill the coronavirus in your hand you have to wash your hands for 20 seconds. After washing your hands for 5 or 10 seconds, the effect of your soap will not work on the coronavirus, which is because the coronavirus is made up of alkaline ray fat and is alkaline.  When using soap, the virus breaks down the upper fat of the virus so you have to make sure that you are 20  Ekenda for washing hands.

Eggs or meat should be washed thoroughly before cooking or before cooking, before cooking or cooking anything. Wear clothes quickly. Regular lodging and work place should be kept clean Do not leave the room door open unnecessarily.

 One thing to note here is that a rumor relentlessly spreads in our country as pet dogs spread the corona virus, which is totally based on the rumors that these stupid animals have been spreading rumors recently that various clothing and street dogs have been tortured with killing cats.  Inhumane behavior and pet from the corona virus  No specific information has been found and confirmed in this regard.  The World Health Organization has also confirmed that the dog cats are not carriers of coronavirus.

Ways to Get Rid of Coronavirus If you have coronavirus once, let's talk about how you can recover from it, since no medicine has been discovered so far and since this virus is very weak, we use the antibody system in our body.  We can keep this anti-body system in sufficient quantity  Ies and eat plenty of vitamin C.

 Recovery from corona is not a difficult thing if you can get it from other fruits, including bronchitis, and only if we can use our body's antibody system, which is immune, and avoiding the foods that harm our body at this time.  You should also follow the rules of living at home.
When the epidemic took place in Wuhan, China, China blocked many cities, including Wuhan, in the wake of the Coronavirus.  In such a case, local authorities have ordered the bodies of coronavirus to be burned, and they are still burning corpses, and crews are studying in the department for 24 hours.  .

 And now it is worse in Italy.  There, the bodies of the coroners are buried in the coffin without any funeral, no one is allowed to visit the relatives of the corpse,

Even though Iran is a Muslim country, no funeral prayers are being offered and various videos that have gone viral on social media show that the bodies of the coroner killed in Iran are buried in the grave without touching, and that the relatives of the dead are ruthlessly scared to touch them.  In fact, human bodies should be buried in the same way as other animals  Being.

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