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We are on the side of Bangladesh to prevent disinfectant Cavid-19 from washing your hands.

Hello friends, what's the news?  Do you recognize me ???  Can't keep in mind I know Imran Welcome to another new post of mine Those who already know me know that I like to hit the pedal less so let's go to the main section.

 So do you think you went with a good hand soap or handwash and all the germs but your idea is totally wrong, your smart phone may be one of the deadly vehicles of this virus.

 Frequently cleaning your hands, but with a smartphone, it can come back to you, so you should disinfect your hand as well as have someone take your smartphone.

 Every day, epidemics are spreading like Covid-19, as well as the procession of the corpses and the reentrantly we have not been released from this deadly coronavirus in our country.  The biggest problem with a virus is that we do not see who this virus is so if you have a coronavirus in your hand and hold the smart phone with that hand then it is also on your phone's screen, so after you clean your hands, the phone from the pocket.  But you are transferring it to your hands.

 So in addition to cleaning your hands, it is very important to disinfect your smartphone, a study has shown that we check smartphones 124 times a day for some, even more so in some cases, so no matter how much you wash your hands, it is ultimately not worth it.  Cleaning the phone is not as straightforward as cleaning your hands.

 Because you can not use the phone sanitizer because most of the time, the sanitizer can send your phone up because the sanitizer is an alcove that can ruin your phone's display not just because the motherboard is on the phone.
 So there are some things you must keep in mind before cleaning the phone.

 Researchers say the safest way to disinfect the phone is no ordinary soap, no anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, Honey Cycle Shop article peppermint shop, no special soup is needed.

 Yes, you've heard that one of the soaps is the same.

 But my request is to have a handwash as well as water to be the best and easiest so let's see how it works.

 Most viruses, including Covid-19, look exactly like the picture below.
They have a coating of protein and fat outside their core structure, so they stick very easily to any surface with our hands and can be removed easily if not just cleaned with water, because the protein and fat coating of the virus helps them stick.  Like oil.
So in the same way if we apply soap on the corona virus or any virus, it breaks down the protein and fat content of the virus and causes the virus to become inactive very easily.

 But yes there is but one big thing is that this whole process is complete but it takes a while. A study has shown that the protein and fat that is placed on the virus takes 20 secend to decompose.
Gently rub the phone's front and back surfaces for at least 20 seconds with soapy water on tissue paper or soft cloths, but be aware that you can use cotton parts if your phone has a visible camera bump without excess water entering your phone.

 So friends, but we Dangerous are crossing a time which means that something big can happen at any time and you can't even think about it so I would urge you to buy a phone back cover at least this time not to use a screen protector.
Because the screen protector is not easy to clean if the virus enters the inside, and if you have to use the back cover of the account, you have to clean the back cover like someone else does.

 So how do I clean my smartphone.

So at the far end of the post, and in the whole country, now in the horror of Corona, if you do not need it very much, then there is no need to get out of the house, especially avoid the public place and if you have to go out then use mux.

 And back home, you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and no one on your smart phone means you will not catch the smart phone and clean it.

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