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The government does not point out that shops for jets will be open

First of all I apologize to you as this is not a news site then I am compelled to share it today for the sake of the public.

 Hi friends I hope everyone is well and pray to God all is well.

 Today, I will not share any tips and tricks with you. Today, the issue is that the shops are open for the Corona virus.

 We do not have to obey the government for the virus or the whole of Bangladesh
 It will be over

 What will be open?

 1. Drugstore
 2. Grocery Store
 3. Raw market
 4. Food stores such as chicken, fish or meat shops
 5. Hospital and Health Services
 6. Supply of other emergency services and products
 Remember, you can only come out of the house for an emergency purchase.
 Can't have 2 people at once.  Maintain a safe distance during purchase.

 Today, countries like China, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore have been able to prevent Corona from locking down.
 So, of course, we have to obey them so we will be able to stop Corona.

 It's not lock down, limited movement.

 Thanks for being on the side with thousands of Corona news.

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