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Rumors have been told that the release of the Corona virus has been born in Noakhali

Hello friends I hope everyone is well and wish you well.

 Maybe I understand some of the rumors or the truth after seeing the titles, I will try to point them out.
 Everyone is currently spreading the rumors of the Corona virus on social media. I hear many rumors but today I will share a viral rumor, I think you have already heard the rumor.

 The rumor is ___

 According to religion, what do they say?

 Well tell you how many places can one child be born in Bangladesh simultaneously?
 Many claim that this baby was born in India.
 Now judge whether you are true or false.
 Such a news will never address the baby's parents' name, because it is not true.
 Fake a news person who is harassing people in the night get up and do it.

 Hey brother you don't believe it because such big scientists can't make medicine, how do you hope to get rid of the disease by playing it?

 They used to be believed by the ancient people, but now the science-based age can overcome them
 He is the sole trustee of the religion of his creed from the place of religion.

 I apologize to you because it's not okay to post them on a technology site,
 Thanks for posting the correct info to people.

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