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How to smartphones are made in Bangladesh itell factory

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 Now in Maine, itell smartphone is currently being made in Bangladesh.
 So many people think that mobile phones made by Bangla will not be as good as quality. Today, I am going to answer this question.

 So we are coming to Gazipur in Dhaka, it is a half-mobile quality flower at itell factory.
 All types of itel mobiles are made here.
 Mobile phones are made in a total of 8 stops.
 Moving on to the first process, the assembly of a hundred phones starts right from a line and ends at the back.

 The process starts with the PCB or the motherboard. First one tries to see if there is a problem with the motherboard and he puts it in a combier's belt.

 The next guy put on a queer costing.
 Then one checks whether there is a physical damage with the LCD next to it.

 The next person checks whether the panel is OK or not getting the display.

 The next person is adding a soft plastic case to the LCD panel and inserting the power button so that it does not cross the process.
 After that, you are putting it on a machine and pressing the buttons sit well.

 We are crossing 5 steps Alreadi comes to step 6 and picks up skin stickers.
 Then put the ribbon on the machine so that the PCB can be fitted.

 Then a PCBeta tapas set the flashlight. The next step is installing a camera sensor on the PCB.

 For now, the main PCB is connecting to the sub PCB.

 Block SensitiB Cloth Aid is coming to the next step.

 The next person is Justifying and adding the PCB to the LCD panel.

 Screwing with PCB for next.

 The next person has the subpcb he is adding it.

 The next guy is doing Vibration Motor Aid.

 The next person is sitting on a loud speaker.

 Fingerprint speaker for next.
 The Outer Damage is installed so that the warranty will be void when wet.

 The next one is connecting the PCB and the ribbon.

 Subsequently, John is sitting with the PCB and sub-PCB.

 At the next step, you are testing whether the current is getting well.

 The next step is to check if the mobile is OK by placing 3 cables and if the online pass comes then the mobile is OK.

 Next John is installing a lithium battery.

 The next one is again putting a fingerprint scanner.
 Checking it again.

 After checkup by people, the machine is checked again to see if there are any problems.

 Then started the cosmetics sensor where the camera and mobile casing are being installed.

 Then the mobile phone is created and a phone is taken from the home page to the UI.

 Then one is doing all the tests on the mobile.

 Then one is testing the IMEI number taken from BTCI so that the same IMEI number does not sit on two mobiles.
 It is drowned in a machine from where
 Boss comes out.
 After this, the whole mobile phone is taken to the lava again.

 Until the customer goes into the hands, a lot of testing is done, and to me it seems that mobiles are made in high-quality ways.
 Mobile is good enough for me.

 Thus all the activities of a mobile are finished.

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