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Create a powerful solar power bank at low cost at home

Hi friends, Hope you all are very good. This post I will teach you how to build a powerful power bank.

So let's get started and the skinshot below are the things you need.

 Whatever it takes: ___

If they are enough then collect them.
 If you do not have such a solar panel and have no problem buy 5 watt solar.
 And collect the old Power Bangkok circuit. And all is well.

 We have taken 2 watts per panel, totaling 3 watts at 6 pm meaning that enough power will be available to pay the mobile charge.

 Now let's get to work

Now connect the power bank circuit with the cable on the other side.
Then connect the cable in such a direct charge.
And if you want to save the charge as well as save the charge, then install a good quality battery.

Hopefully you can learn how to build a power bank at a low cost at home. I tried to explain.

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 Thanks for taking the plunge for so long.

 If there is a mistake, you will see forgiveness.

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