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Build a Hebei Power Bank with an old laptop battery.

Hi Friends Hope everyone is good. We all need less power bangs but in the market power bank does not offer a lot of good services and therefore, today I will teach you how to create a Hebei strong power bank with an old laptop battery.

 For this reason, we will have to buy this power bank Kachin Ta from the market. The price will be Tk 400/500.

And open a laptop battery like this.
Then you will get such batteries. If they are not old enough and buy them from the market.
। Open the casein.
Set up the batteries as follows.

Then see that the charge on the skin is coming out and apply the case.
These two points will supply the charge and you can charge the other two.

Besides, there are two lights which can be used at night.2

How much you can understand a battery MP's 5 thousand or 8 battery MP's.
 The power bank of 40000 thousand MPs you are building.

Unique banks can charge a lot more times than the bank because the Buzzen laptop battery is no less powerful.

 Hope you understood and liked your post.
 If you make a mistake, you will see forgiveness.

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