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Learn about the symptoms of the corona virus in just 2 minutes.

Hi friends I hope everyone is well and pray to God all is well.

 Today, I will not share any tips and tricks with you. Today's topic is to talk about Corona virus.

 The state of the country can no longer be said

 Let's talk a bit about how these symptoms can be understood.

 Suppose a person can spread the corona virus within a distance of 5 feet around the person infected with the coronary virus, then you can understand how powerful the virus is.

 Let's look at the signs.

 # 1/3- days - There is a slight cold cough this time and may or may not happen again. There will be no head and throat pain.

 Can live life in a very natural way.

 # 4- There will be a slight sore throat for a few days, head spinning, mild fever.

 The diarrhea will be diarrhea and may cause diarrhea.

 # 5- Daydream will be a mild pain, fever will go out,

 The body will be in a lot of pain and the diarrhea will increase a bit more.

 # 6- Daytime fever will increase from 1 to 5 degrees. Light, dry cough will start, throat pain will increase, light nausea, respiratory problems will increase, diarrhea will continue.

 # 7- Day fever will increase by 5 degrees.

 # 8- The condition of the body will be much worse in the day, fever will increase by 5 degrees.

 The headache will be exacerbated, and the feeling will be in such a gradual phase.

 If this is the case, consult a doctor immediately.

 And try to stay clean.

 Thanks so much for posting patiently for the car.

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