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6 Powerful Tips to Prevent Your Hobby's YouTube Channel Hacked

Hello friends

 Hope everyone is well.

 But I am not good because I have come across a bad news in your mood.

 We all have less than one hobby of youtube channel but if this channel gets hacked then how will it feel. Only if we know how long it takes to grow this channel then you can understand the hardships of hacking.  Could not be fetched

 So let's start with how to protect your channel from being hacked.

 Today I will share with you 6 tips that will save your channel from hack and bring you back if you follow my tips.

 1. Of course, strengthen your email passwords and many use the key.  For example: qK09 @ &% tL # $ then any kind of bruteforce hack will not be hacked.

 2. There are 2 types of YouTube channels. One is Personal account and Brand account.

 Personnel is your own email account and brand account is your friends and you can run it. So whether your channel is personal or group, you will transfer it to your brand account. This will facilitate the channel hack if you have one day to bring you back.  The hacker will remove it immediately if there is a personal email.

 If you do not get time then you will certainly get rid of being hacked into a brand account.

 3. If you transfer to a brand account you will be able to set up a unique email which no hacker will be able to remove. And of course, take care of your unique email because if the channel is hacked you will be able to back up the channel by talking to YouTube support.

 4.One will open the email id but do not use recovery phone number and email.  A notification will come if you are logging in to a new device.  If you do not update AppSet then you can access your channel.

 5. Enables to Factor I've seen many channels that do not turn on this two factor.

 It is more likely to be hacked.

 That's why two-factor is very important.

 Of course keep the two-factor on.

 Because if you want to hack your phone or mail will give you a code that will not be able to login without giving the code.

 99.9% unlikely to be hacked.

 6. There are many fails in your mail, click on any of them, because hackers will target you by emailing you ascamping which will hack your channel.

 For example, if you tell someone who sponsors the company will give you a dollar or do this, which is very annoying when you click on it. Of course you must think 100 times before clicking any email, then sign out of the email and click on it.  Stick to the channel you click this link to NEVER do this. Next go to your dashboard to see if the status stick is coming.  It looks like your channel from being yes live.

 I was so shocked that of course you will follow these tips so hopefully there will be no problem.

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