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Lowest super fast best phone Realme C3 5000MP battery

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 Many people will buy the phone without buying a phone, but the budget is low but you want thousands of good reviews, you can see.

 So thinking of you, today we will do a great phone review and talk about all the features I hope you will enjoy.

 The phone that I will recommend you is the Realmi C3 Best Price Low Price.

 Realmi C3 will launch in India on February 7.

 They gave their Twitter page and promotion.

Where is the Mediatek Helio G70 chipset that was first used on this phone.
Which will have 5000 thousand ampere battery.
Now, it looks great to see the design on top of the design, where there will be 2 rear camera setup with Sunrise polycarbonate body but no body sensor.  Overall, the phone will look good.

This time around, there is a 5.5 "display IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1.2 pixels, and the Gorilla Glass 3 is being put on it.

Now let's talk about the parsing of this phone where the Media Tek Helio G70 chipset was first used on this phone.  And this chipset has not been used on any phone yet.

 Whose base on comparative technology.

 Its speed is 2.0 GHz, where the Mali G25, as a GPU, will give Billash performance as an anti-level phone. It has Android 10 support.

 The Realmi C3 phone will be available in two colors.

 Realmi C3 3GB / 32GB

 Realmi C3 4GB / 64GB

And there will be dedicated SIM card Felicity.
The dual camera setup will be behind the Realmi C3 phone. There will be HDR MODE, slow moson, sd o komo version.

And the mega pixel camera will be on this phone again for 4,000 MPR battery. However, the more unique facelift of facelock.

 So friends will say finally about the business of longzet

 It will cost Indian price of Tk 5 but in Bangladesh, Tk 5,000 will be available.

 If he and the phone can take Tk.

 View current prices.
So if friends judge everything, it can be said that if the phone comes in this budget and in this configuration, then the phone will be the best offada in the low market.

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