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Easy way to identify your mobile is real or fake

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 Hope everyone is much better.

 Do you know if the mobile phone you use is real or fake?

 I will try to highlight everything in today's post while reading the post.

 So friends, when a smart-phone company launches into its mobile-phone market, be it Bangladesh or India or a unique country, but if that company or importer gives us some tax to the government we have, then the government gets the tax, then the government is using that mobile IMEI.  It registers the database that the government has. It keeps the government in the country.

 What happens in this case is that your phone is official and your phone is available in the service center or in other cases and can be used officially.

 This time being unofficial means tax / tax faxing means that mobile phones have been loaned in the country or importers have not paid any tax / tax to the government and no IMEI has been registered.

 That means the phone is unofficial in this case, it is less than 2 / 2,000 taka because no tax / tax has been paid to the government and it is sold for less money and we do not buy because mobile is the same.

 So here I am telling you how to recognize unofficial and official phones.

 How do you identify real and fake phones before that?

 The thing is, when a company doesn't fake a phone, some unscrupulous companies make their semi-quality phones, which if you give them in your hand, you will not know what is real or fake.

 Now go to the phone's dial pad to identify the real or fake * # 06 #

If you see that an IMEI is coming out, we can identify the real fake phone with it.

 Check out the skinsot.

 Write the IMEI first.

Then go to Google in any browser and search by typing IMEI Chacker.

 Then it will come.

 Paste the copied IEMI here. And I don't fill in the robot captcha.

 Now click on Chack.

Then see your mobile is coming.
If you come, you will understand that your mobile is real and official. This is how everything will come out. And if nothing comes then you will understand the mobile copy copy. But you will not buy because you will be deceived.

 And unofficially speaking, the government will stop saying unofficial phones at different times so you can not just talk and play the net and do other things like listening to music, taking pictures, playing games and so on.

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