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Warning message! Deepfake video is the new danger of the internet world

Hello friends how are you

 Hope everyone is much better.

 In the meantime, there is a new danger in the Internet world that you too can fall into.

 I hope you can understand everything if you wear a full post.
At present, the new danger of the Internet world is that Deepfake video can be used by anyone with the deep coder to deceive anyone.

 Simply put, imitate the look of a person and make a video.

 There has been a lot of social media buzz about this Deep Fake foundation recently.

 There is also the safety of those people.

 Deepfake Video If you or I are new to this and there is a lot of talk about it in the technology world.

 Along with this, the technical scholars are very much concerned about this topic.

 What is this video actually?

 In fact, this video is a code that hackers create on social media.

 So with this Deepfake video, who can copy a new video into a person's face and create a new video.

The use of this Deepfake code can cause you to duplicate your appearance and create a video that is either humorous or provocative and terrorist-speaking.  Facebook and Twitter have spread the FakeVideo code and many videos have been released, but resently.

 If you search on Google and YouTube you will find these videos.

 For example: Mark Zucker has Berg, Donald Trump has, Putin has, Baramoka has many more.

 So you understand that it is possible for anyone to create a video with this Deepfake video code.

 This is why I need security because if we make a video about it we can be in danger.

 So Facebook recently banned this Deepfake video code from their server but the Tippec Deepfake video has become more viral.

 If you can spread this code anywhere, it is possible to create this FakeVideo.

 Even with ordinary people like us, though, the video will not be made and then I can not shake it.

 This Deepfake video was originally created on the basis of big celebrities and politics, and about the Prime Minister.

 That's why if we make such a video about who we are, we might as well be stuck.

 People who use different social media

 Meanwhile we must take care.

 So basically today's post was to tell you about this.

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