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Without you, no one will be able to hold calls and no one will be able to make calls

Hello friends how are you

 Hope everyone is much better.

 Many of you are not aware that today I am going to share a great trick with you.

 So the trick is that no one can call and no one can call without you.

 Hope you like it because we can't keep up with mobile phones all the time.

 At that time, you may receive an important call and if you receive any of it, you may be having problems, so I will share the trick with you today so that you will not be able to catch and answer the call.

 Download these apps for dial pad lock.

 No one can receive calls Do these apps.

 So guys, check out the skins.

 First access the Dial Pad Apps.

 Go to Settings.

Click Protect and
 Enter Password.

Come down as you wish

 Enter the lock code.

 Enter the Unlock code.

Go to the dial pad and enter the lock code. Press dial will be locked.

Enter code to unlock

 The diameter is exactly that.
The Protect and password of the previous 3 days will open the diameter lock. See the call going on.

Now how can anyone not receive my call? Login Couchgram

 Turn it on.

Set permissions.

Click Call Button Mode.
Set the lock as such.
Click Next.

Click Answer a test call.

The lock will be unlocked the day the call was actually set.
See the lock has been opened.

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