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Good morning hope everyone is well

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 How to account?

 Download the HappiHub app from this link.

 Open the app and click Singup.

Then your Fast Name Last Name

 Number Password Gender Birdy Click on I Agree and click create account.

Now the verification code will come in your number, it will be set up or automatic.

My code is coming up and with 5 bucks.

Then fill in these and save.

Click to view the 5 bucks.

Now click on Apply Referral Code.
Then click 74984 save & continue.

See you got 5 more money.

The total has become 10 bucks.
In addition, you can click on Claim in another way.

Now click filter.

Now you can upload the bills of this category and earn it.

All you have to do now is how to charge money to click on TopUp.

Then enter your mobile number and select which operator, click Next.

Your mobile has been recharged.

 See, on December 31, I just got recharged.

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 Thanks for reading Carly Post.

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