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Free Net Run 1000% working post with Droid VPN again with Grameen SIM

Hi Friends Hope all is well.

 Keeping in mind the Droid VPN's great settings, you can run the net at a slower rate if you want.

 So how do you do

 Of course your Droid VPN Version 1.6 will need it then set the following settings to connect and keep the net running smoothly thanks.

 Choice UDP mode

 Set the mode to 1.

 Remote UDP port

 Make it 2525.

 Do not give a local port.

 Give T count 500.

 R count 3

 ICMP setting> choice ICMP mode> Static Seq Number.

 Now you can download + browsing at a slower pace if you want.

 Hope you like the post.

 Come on out to find something new, thanks for visiting our blog.

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