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Transfer money in 2020 with Banglalink Sim

Good morning hello friends hope everyone is well and if you are with Trickerun you will be better as every day comes up with new tips and tricks for you.

 So, like today, and today I have come to know how to transfer money through banglalink sim. The method that was previously not working now, so I will talk to you about the way to transfer money so let me start.

 Dial this code first.

Create your PIN.

Your PIN will show.

Then dial the code again.

Now click on the change pin.

Give you the right panty.

Your PIN will show.

Dial this code now.

Then click Balance transfer.

Enter your PIN.

Enter and send the number you want to send the money to.

Give the minimum 5 bucks. Send.

See, the money is gone.

 I'm finishing up here today, but we're not going to see any new episodes.

 Hope you enjoy your post, please come back to our blogsite daily to thank you.

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